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Where we go in Carroll Gardens

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on dec 27, 2011 under Blog Post

We get asked all the time where to eat dinner or get coffee or a beer, so I thought I'd make a handy little list of places for you to keep in mind the next time you're down here. They're all pretty cheap (we're broke) and within a few block radius of the Brainery, but feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments!

Where we eat on a normal day: Line Bagels 

This is the bagel shop right near the Smith-9th Street station. They have the best tacos (3 for $6.50!) and pretty good fries. On the down side, they close at 6pm, so you'll need to hit them up during daytime classes. 

Where we eat on a really fancy day: Buttermilk Channel or Prime Meats

I really like Prime Meats for lunch--you just feel so civilized eating there. Buttermilk Channel isn't open for lunch, but they have a crazy deal on Monday nights, where you get three courses for $25, and it is so ridiculously good. 

Where we get coffee, awesome sandwiches, and regional sodas: Court Street Grocers

The only place you can get Cheerwine, Duke's Mayonnaise and a really good grilled cheese all at the same time. Plus they're really nice!

Where we buy beer to drink in class: Las Americas Deli

They have a huge selection and pretty good prices, plus you can buy singles of everything, so it's perfect if you want a beer in class but don't want to give away the rest of your six-pack to strangers. (Though they won't be strangers after class!)

Where we drink beer before/after class: Abilene

I love everything about Abilene. It's incredibly chill and you never feel sketchy going there in the middle of the afternoon to drink and eat burritos. They're also equipped with wifi and power outlets and don't mind if you plug in, so it's practically a coworking space. At night, it's still really chill and they have a lovely outdoor area. Go there!

Where to get coffee and cookies: Treats Truck

The Treats Truck is open late (til 8 most days), so it's a good place for post-work/pre-class coffee and treats of all sorts. Bonus points for a really good Cobb Salad and the best oatmeal raisin cookie I've ever had. 

Where to get coffee and records: Black Gold Records

Black Gold has great coffee, pastries, antiques and it's also an awesome record store. They stay open late (usually 8 or 9pm), so it's a perfect place to grab coffee on your way from the Carroll Street Station. 

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