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Homemade Chutney

Our chutney-making class went awesome, and we all made some seriously delicious stuff. But all those who didn't make it to class need not be left out - here's one of the chutney recipes we made! Courtesy of our chutney teacher Drake Page, of thedpchutneycollective.blogspot.com.


(Makes 4 4-oz. jars or 2 ½ pint jars. Quantities can easily be doubled!) 

½ cup vegetable or olive oil


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Cook your onions BETTER STRONGER FASTER: Speeding up the Maillard reaction

The Maillard reaction is the secret king of cookery, the little bit of magic that turns a slab of meat into a nicely browned steak or a raw onion into a caramelized delight. We call it "browning," and it's a reaction between proteins and sugars in the presence of heat that creates the tasty flavor compounds.

I'm equal parts lazy and impatient, and always give up before my onions are nice and browned. There are a few things you can do...

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Pie blog

Surprise New Class!

We're psyched to be hosting a hands-on pie crust making (+ eating) workshop with Natalie of Bike Basket Pies on Saturday April 9th. Read more and sign up here before it fills up!

What it's all about:

The forever delicious pie is apparently set to be the "next big thing." But the perfect pie is all about having the perfect crust.

Making the perfect pie crust is all about technique. Learn all the little tips and tricks while getting your...

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