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Class Recap

More From This Semester

More random knowledge gleaned during the last couple weeks of classes:

Beekeeping - First week we covered the anatomy of bees and the social structure of the hive. In the process, we learned approximately 65 million interesting things, but I'll keep it to just a couple of my favorite facts. You can gather way more from Tim at Borough Bees, his blog.

*In the summer, workers (the sterile females who, as you can probably imagine, do all...

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Class Recap

Seasonal Cooking Wrapup

Emily's Seasonal Cooking class wraps up this Wednesday, but we're already missing her expertise about local produce and cooking (not to mention her amazing snacks).

So what'd we eat?

Asparagus! The first real sign of spring, asparagus is basically awesome.  And how should you cook it? Use the bigger, thicker stalks for roasting, and save the smaller ones to steam or sautee.

Fact: White asparagus is grown in the dark but doesn't taste any...

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