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Coming up at the Brainery: September 15-20

Here's a handy cheat sheet for our upcoming events over the next week:

Master Class: Vermouth & Martinis - dry, sweet, shaken, stirred: you'll know all the answers after this class Monday, September 17

Thinking Very Deeply about Comedy - a new monthly series celebrating the history of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy. This month: The State; Tuesday, September 18

Flipbooks! - bookbinding for the rest of us; Tuesday, September 18


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Sign up for: Flower Arranging, Wine Tasting + Envelope Making

From card counting to the evolution of the English language, we have all kinds of new classes lined up for the rest of December and into January. 

You can make all your own gifts--flower bouquets, savory relishes and sweet fruit butters, recycled envelopes--and learn how to pick wine for the dinner table, meaning you'll never need to go to the mall for gifts ever again. Of course, there's way more, so check out the full list, and pick up...

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More New Classes! Punch, Prints + More!

Yep, December is the busiest month ever, but you can't possibly go to a holiday party every single night, can you? (Well, maybe you can.) 

Some highlights?

Lots of things to make those parties more awesome: punch, bitters, dumplings, ravioli, and an explanation of where some holiday traditions come from

Things to do inside during the winter: archery, chess, screenprinting, video making on your phone

Things that don't really fit into...

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