How to Read a Knitting Pattern

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Taught by Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman holds a Masters in Crafts Education and leads a wide variety of fiber arts and textile workshops up and down the east coast. Her top-tier teaching topics are knitting, dyeing, felting, and surface design. Formerly of Brooklyn, Jess now lives in Asheville, NC. Find her online at &
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Dumbledore reads knitting patterns for fun, true story. Cruise by any place where two or more knitters are gathered, and you're sure to hear conversations that go something like, "Oh, does it say to work an ssk or a k2tog tbl for your left leaning decreases?" and, "This pattern says to CO 10 before working the steek while at the same time, continuing to shape the shoulders!" or even, "What does this symbol mean??" 

Don't let knitting patterns intimidate you. Expert knitting pattern reader and writer Jessica is here to help guide you through the basics of following a pattern, and even how to alter it to better suit what you want to knit.

Bring any pattern that has you stumped or intrigued, or don't bring one--this knitting class is all theory, no practice, and you'll leave with super helpful notes and maybe even a free pattern to try on your own. All skill levels are welcome; even newbie knitters will learn a ton! 


(class size: 15, lecture & q+a)








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