Manage Your Gmail Inbox

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Taught by Jen Bokoff

Jen is a connector, blogger, storyteller, and people-watcher. She is the Director of GrantCraft at the Foundation Center, and has previously done work ranging from developing tax court cases for the IRS to serving as a program officer for a private foundation to creating an emergency preparedness plan for a city. She also laughs a lot.
Jen's a Brainery groupie and wrote about it for the Huffington Post, which you should probably read and share. You can find her otherwise on twitter and tumblr and right behind you.

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Is your gmail inbox frightening? Does it stress you out just to think about it? Do you want to clean it up but don't know how? This class is for you!

We'll spend the first part of class discovering our personal email irritants and limits along with our goals and time constraints. The second part of class will provide beginner and intermediate level tricks of the trade to whip your inbox into shape and keep it that way. Finally, we'll discuss some basic email etiquette and allowances that can guide your inbox management.

It's not rocket science, but conquering an inbox takes vision and focused energy. To get you started, feel free to bring your laptop or other electronic device to begin hacking away at the problem in real time! Please also come with at least a basic familiarity with gmail, which includes having a gmail account. This class is taught under the assumption that you have seen gmail and we will not be discussing migrating email accounts.

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