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You Should Pick Mulberries

A few years back, I lived near a prolific mulberry tree along the Prospect Expressway, and ever since, I've been a bit obsessed with picking them, mostly because I love the idea of getting berries for free. (Take that, $8/quart Greenmarket strawberries!)

But free doesn't mean anything if the food doesn't taste any good, and lucky us, mulberries taste really really good. And as long as you don't mind investing some time, turning your skin...

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(Scavenger) Hunt for a New Home

As lots of you know, we're on the hunt for a new space for the Brainery. We've got some leads, but we thought we'd open the search as wide as possible by getting all of you lovely folks involved.

So, if you notice for rent signs as you wander around Brooklyn, we want to hear about 'em. Read on for details, and one million thanks in advance for your help. 

(This idea is absolutely 100% stolen from New Work City, who employed this tactic to...

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S.A.S.S. Presents: The History of Fun and Games, June 5

At this month's meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, not only do you get three short, awesome lectures on the history of fun and games, but you get to play games. Victorian Parlor Games, to be exact, with wonderful names like Poor Pussy

Show up here:

Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, 
Tuesday, June 5, 7pm, totally free

What'll we learn:

A Brief History of Universe of Video Game


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Event Heads Up: Uncovering Long Lost Stories at Green-Wood Cemetery

This isn't a Brainery event, but I know you guys are super interested in NYC history, so it must be brought to your attention!

Ben Feldman, one of our favorite people around here, is giving a free talk at Green-Wood Cemetery on Saturday, January 14th. He'll cover the process of digging up interesting history--what tools and resources are out there--and how to go about doing it yourself. After the talk, there's a trolley tour to the graves of...

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We fell in love with BLDG 92

We finally stopped by BLDG 92, the new museum on the grounds of the Navy Yard in Fort Greene and kind of fell in love. It covers the history of the Yard and the surrounding area from the 1700's until today, and it's amazing--the building, the exhibition design, the views, all of it.

I've been to an awful lot of museums, but very few so thoroughly think out the way they present information or use technology in all the ways you should--to...

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