(Scavenger) Hunt for a New Home

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As lots of you know, we're on the hunt for a new space for the Brainery. We've got some leads, but we thought we'd open the search as wide as possible by getting all of you lovely folks involved.

So, if you notice for rent signs as you wander around Brooklyn, we want to hear about 'em. Read on for details, and one million thanks in advance for your help. 

(This idea is absolutely 100% stolen from New Work City, who employed this tactic to find their current space in Manhattan. Full credit goes to them for being geniuses.)

Where we're looking:

Gowanus, Park Slope (especially South), Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Crown Heights. Downtown Brooklyn's a possibility too.

Here's a handy, yet blurry, map of the area we're talking about:


What we're looking for:

Okay, so here's where it gets a bit more complicated.

We're open to a lot of things--storefronts, warehouses, 2nd floor space. Best bets are slightly hidden and out of the way spots that are still near some trains; bonus points if it's close to the G. 

Other things we'd like to have:

* Lots of natural light
* Easy street access! Thats why storefronts = awesome. We don't want you folks needing to buzz in for class.
* A nearby place to grab coffee or a beer
* Bigger is better, up to 8000 square feet! Yeah, anything between a storefront and a warehouse. You don't need to know, we can do the digging.

How to submit:

Let us know the location, contact info, and any and all details or photos you can nab, then send it along to: info@brooklynbrainery.com or share on Twitter (be sure to mention @bkbrains so we see it!)

What you get:

If you submit the spot that eventually becomes our new home, we'll give you $100 in free classes, a month of coworking, a Brainery tote, and so many thank yous. 

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