Learning Spaces in Brooklyn and Beyond

If there's at all a silver lining to the 10,000 layers of crappiness surrounding the closure of 3rd Ward, it's that there are still lots and lots of places to learn all sorts of things in Brooklyn and beyond. I started tweeting out a bunch this morning but thought it might be nice to compile them in one place. If you're a former 3rd Ward teacher or a space looking for instructors, be sure to check out our 3rd Ward Instructor Matchmaking...

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Othermill blog

Upcoming Maker Events

Usually, our classes fall more on the crafty, low-tech side of things, but we have some ways to get your hands dirty with circuits and resistors that we wanted to let you know about.  

Special Event: Meet the Othermill

Friday, October 18, RSVP

Do you customize everything you own? Have you ever wanted to create your own circuits or stamps or molds? Have you heard people talking about desktop manufacturing and...

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Society for the Advancement of Social Studies Lecture: Haunted History

Our pals at S.A.S.S. are giving you what you want in October: tales of haunted history. Join them at Cameo Gallery on October 14 for a night of three short (+ scary) lectures with a healthy dose of booze. 

Like what, you ask? 


Joanna Ebenstein talks about how death-themed arts, crafts and amusements have been used as medication for our own feelings on the topic.


Todd Cobb tells us why...

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