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The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies: Drunk on History - March 5th

This month Society for the Advancement of Social Studies teams up with Urban Oyster Tours to bring you the history of booze!

Some of Urban Oyster's best tour guides enlighten us with a lecture on each of beer, wine, and whiskey. Plus the chance to win tickets to Urban Oyster’s new spring waterfront tour!

All the details:

Tuesday, March 5th
Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn
Doors at 7pm
Free, RSVP...

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Let's Make: Beer Vinegar

Okay, today we're starting a beer vinegar. You're probably familiar with malt vinegar, that fun thing that makes your fries soggy at the Chip Shop. That's made with an unhopped beer, but today we're using a homemade IPA (full of hops!) to make beer vinegar, so the finished product will likely be way more bitter, just like an IPA. 

Note: this might turn out to be a huge disaster, but we won't know for four or five months. Hooray!

Are you...

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Class Recap

Wild Beasts for Sour Beer

Last night I sat in on our Sour Beer class. You might've had a lambic before, or seen them sitting around at a bodega around you - fancy half-wine-looking contraptions full of corks and wire and a comparatively hefty price tag. Although there are a ton of types of sour beer, lambics are probably the most easily found.

Preface: Sour beer is a traditionally Belgian brew made in an unsterile environment, which lets all kinds of crazy yeasts and...

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Blog Post

Where we go in Carroll Gardens

We get asked all the time where to eat dinner or get coffee or a beer, so I thought I'd make a handy little list of places for you to keep in mind the next time you're down here. They're all pretty cheap (we're broke) and within a few block radius of the Brainery, but feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments!

Where we eat on a normal day: Line Bagels 

This is the bagel shop right near the Smith-9th Street station. They...

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Summer Party Explosion! Sunday, July 31

Hey hey, it's the anniversary of the first SAT*! Celebrate the beast of standardized testing with plenty of crawfish (naturally), cheap beer and the most intense trivia this side of the BQE.

It all goes down on Sunday, July 31 from 4-8pm at the City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg, home of the best backyard in Brooklyn.

Buying tickets in advance is a must if you...

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