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We're excited to present our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures in podcast form. Hooray!

The first two are up now, and we'll add new ones each month. That way, if something pesky like "work" or "not living in New York City" keeps you away from our live events, you'll be able to enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Awesome? Awesome. 

Podcasts that currently exist:


Sarah talks about the ancient origins of candy, and shares her recipe for chicken-flavored marshmallow peeps. Soma explores the science of candy making, and creates his own Atomic Fireballs, candy cigarettes and more.

Raw Milk

Sarah explores the history of the milk industry and why we pasteurize milk; Soma analyzes the scientific reasons to drink (or not to drink) raw milk. From swill milk to yellow milk to creamy milk to the lactose intolerant, we'll answer the question: should you drink raw milk?

About MSG

MSG is our monthly free lecture series on the history and science of food, with lectures by our very own Jonathan Soma and Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour. It takes place on the last Tuesday of each month at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, and we think it's pretty fun. Next lecture is June 26, and it's all about gelatinous substances. Come! 

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