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The Masters of Social Gastronomy Present: Barbecue at the Old Stone House

On July 18, join our Masters of Social Gastronomy at the Old Stone House's beautiful outdoor space in Park Slope, where they will take on the ultimate summer fare: barbecue.

Sarah will track barbecue's history from Spanish barbacoa to Southern meat pits and modern-day cookouts. Soma will take on the science: the low-and-slow method, the "Texas crutch," and more. Come for the history and science, stay for the DIY tips, and help us...

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Masters of Social Gastronomy: The Flavor Battles!

On February 25, MSG will take on the history and science of imitation ingredients at the brand-new Museum of Food and Drink

Sarah will explore the history of artificial food, covering medieval "meat pitchers" and the early 20th-century chemists known as the "Poison Squad" who tested the safety of food additives by ingesting them in large quantities. Soma will dig into the science behind artificial flavorings, from what...

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MSG Presents: Floral Flavors at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

On Tuesday, July 28, the Masters of Social Gastronomy will tackle the long tradition of floral foods at a special after-hours lecture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. MSG will take on both myths and science as they explore ice cream flavored with violet, apple pie perfumed with rosewater, the secrets of the steeply priced spice saffron, and much more. 

Tickets will likely sell out so be sure to get your ticket now!

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Romance and Revenge: Aphrodisiacs and Female Poisoners

Each month, our Masters of Social Gastronomy talks explore the history, science, and stories behind a curious food topic. Up this month: aphrodisiacs and poison!

Every culture has a long history of aphrodisiacs - love-inducing and libido-promoting foods, ranging from the commonplace to the esoteric. Is chocolate the rightful king of Valentine's Day, or could we do better with a tiger's unmentionables? Let's trace the history of these foxy...

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