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The Masters of Social Gastronomy Present: Barbecue at the Old Stone House

On July 18, join our Masters of Social Gastronomy at the Old Stone House's beautiful outdoor space in Park Slope, where they will take on the ultimate summer fare: barbecue.

Sarah will track barbecue's history from Spanish barbacoa to Southern meat pits and modern-day cookouts. Soma will take on the science: the low-and-slow method, the "Texas crutch," and more. Come for the history and science, stay for the DIY tips, and help us...

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Malted Milk Powder!

I made an absolutely awesome recipe from the blog A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn today (thanks to Four Pounds Flour for the link!). It's for "frozen malted milk cookies," and it's really a cake, not cookies, but no matter cause it tastes amazing. 

In order to make the cake, I picked up some malted milk powder (above) for the very first time. Though I (rightfully) love malted milk balls, I'd never really thought about what...

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Masters of Social Gastronomy, the Podcast

Once a month, you can join us in Williamsburg for MSG and learn a little something about the history and science of your favorite foods from Soma and Sarah Lohman. But what if you can't get up there every last Tuesday of the month, or what if you don't even live in New York?

In light of that sad problem, our solution is the Masters of Social Gastronomy podcasts! They're all up for offer right here, and new ones pop up every month or so....

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We're excited to present our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures in podcast form. Hooray!

The first two are up now, and we'll add new ones each month. That way, if something pesky like "work" or "not living in New York City" keeps you away from our live events, you'll be able to enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Awesome? Awesome. 

Podcasts that currently exist:


Sarah talks about the ancient origins of candy, and shares her...

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