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What's Going on This Week

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on may 9, 2011 under Blog Post

Lots of new classes starting this week:

Monday! Soma knows more about fish sauce than anyone rightfully should, and tonight's Fundamentals of Thai Cuisine will give him the chance to share that knowledge with everyone (and also cook lots of Thai food). Fun fact: Thais use forks and spoons to eat, rather than chopsticks. 

Tuesday! We're reading some classic American short stories--Hemingway, Flannery O'Connor, and some Edgar Allan Poe--in the first session of our short story class this week.  Later in the evening, Historic Gastronomy will be exploring changing American food tastes by cooking up a four course meal spanning from the colonial period to the 1950's (expect jello).

Wednesday! Sadly, this is the last week of Fashion History, which has been an awesome whirlwind tour of women's clothing from the Victorian era to today and the cultural significance of it all. 

Thursday! Thursday features two very different classes. First, we'll look at the practical aspects of getting paid to write in How to Write for Newspapers and Magazines. Then, we'll learn some decidedly less practical things in Card Games You Probably Haven't Heard Of, like Bela, a super fun (and super complicated) trick-taking game. 

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