Job Opening - Apply by Feb 29th!

We're looking for someone to help out around the Brainery. It's part-time (12-15 hours a week, $14/hour), entirely at the Brainery, and involves all kinds of super glamorous* and not-so-glamorous things. 

• Being in charge of the space during classes on the following days:
   - Saturday or Sunday, daytime (6-8 hours, varies a bit week to week)
   - Wednesday evenings, 5-10:30pm

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Help us support ExpandED Schools on Leap day!

Early astronomers reimagined time to give us an extra day every four years. ExpandED Schools, a nonprofit working to close the learning gap, reimagines time to give kids extra opportunities every day of the week. 

On February 29, we will be partnering with ExpandED Schools to celebrate Leap Day (an ExpandED year!) Proceeds from your participation in a Brainery class on February 29 will help close the...

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Masters of Social Gastronomy: The Flavor Battles!

On February 25, MSG will take on the history and science of imitation ingredients at the brand-new Museum of Food and Drink

Sarah will explore the history of artificial food, covering medieval "meat pitchers" and the early 20th-century chemists known as the "Poison Squad" who tested the safety of food additives by ingesting them in large quantities. Soma will dig into the science behind artificial flavorings, from what...

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More than You Ever Wanted to Know about Baked Alaska

I've long loved Baked Alaska, that very old-school combination of cake, ice cream, and meringue toasted to a crisp, but I'd never thought about its history before Victoria of Edible History mentioned it during her talk on the history of the restaurant in NYC. 

I was surprised to learn the dish was much older than I'd imagined, having been in existence since at least the 19th century. And though its exact origin is unclear, it was...

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