Our Pesky Neighbors: Learn about Vermin & Pests at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Posted by 29414135 tiny Becca on sep 25, 2016 under Blog Post

This fall, we're partnering with the Brooklyn Historical Society to bring you discussions about some of our city's favorite wildlife. 

Part 1: Pigeons - Monday, November 7

Learn about the "rats of the sky": pigeons. Find out how they got here and how they've adapted so well to our urban environment.

Part 2: Bugs - Monday, November 14

Cockroaches or bed bugs, which are worse? Entomologists, exterminators, and other experts help to answer this question (and may even convince us that they aren’t all that bad). 

Part 3: Rats - Monday, November 21

A historian, a biologist, and NYC's "rat czar" will attempt to get to the bottom of why every mayor's attempts to rid the city of these rodents has failed.


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