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Usually, our classes fall more on the crafty, low-tech side of things, but we have some ways to get your hands dirty with circuits and resistors that we wanted to let you know about.  

Special Event: Meet the Othermill

Friday, October 18, RSVP

Do you customize everything you own? Have you ever wanted to create your own circuits or stamps or molds? Have you heard people talking about desktop manufacturing and wondered what the *#&% they were talking about?

Join us for an evening exploring the wide world of computer-aided design with Martine from the Other Machine Co. She'll be showing off the Othermill, a milling machine for custom circuits and intricate crafts, and answering all your questions about making things at home.  

Class: Electric Mitten - Make Your Gloves Glow

Sunday, November 10, Register

In this class, you can turn any boring old mitten into a cool, light-up electric gadget! We will go over basic electronic concepts such as polarity and circuit design. Then we will apply this knowledge to make an electric mitten for you to take home.

Class: Introduction to Electronics + Soldering

Starts Thursday, November 14, full, but you can join the wait list

In the first class you'll learn some basic circuit theory, including theconcepts of voltage, current, and power, plus what some of the basic electronic components are used for. We'll also study the circuit that is the basis for the hands-on project we'll tackle in the second class.

In the second class you'll learn to solder and read assembly instructions. You'll put together a real, working, noise-making doodad that you get to take home with you to amaze your family and friends.

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