The 3rd Ward Instructor Matchmaking Service

Posted by 78a7e62a tiny Jonathan Soma on oct 10, 2013 under Blog Post

With the crazy news of 3rd Ward shutting down, we figured that there's about a million of you 3rd Ward teachers out there who might be interested in picking up some new gigs. But hey, the Brainery can't do that many more classes, and we sure don't have a metal shop, so why not do something that helps everyone? Introducing the 3rd Ward Instructor Matchmaking Service!

Here's the plan:

1! Get as many former 3rd Ward instructors as possible signed up on this here list.

2! Find out what every class-teaching outfit in Brooklyn is looking for.

3! Blast out an email to all of the 3rd Warders with a list of what kinds of instructors everywhere else is looking for.

Instructor matchmaking at its finest!

Fill out the form down below (or use the one on Google if it so behooves you) and we'll see what we can get together!

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