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First S.A.S.S. Meeting: The Holy Crusades!

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on sep 13, 2011 under Blog Post

The first offical meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies will convene on Monday, September 26, at 7pm at Pete’s Candy Store. Be there! 

What's on the docket? 

Byzantium to Bummerville: Over 500 years of history artfully boiled down into a delicious and easily digested, condensed-soup of an overview. Learn the major causes of the Crusades, what went down in Jerusalem, and how these medieval battles pertain to modern day relations in the Middle East.

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Other Sexy Ladies of the Crusades: While the menfolk were all going about stabbing things (typical), these babes were busy deciding the fate of the newly formed Christian states. Taught by a real live high school teacher…it’s the history lesson you always dreamed of!

The Children’s Crusade: The Goonies Times 30,000 When professionally trained warriors fail, it’s time to send in the unarmed pre-teens. You’ll want to give your undivided attention to our fascinating account of this odd and unfortunate event.

Will there be cleverly named cocktails? Of course there will be, so you can't miss out on The Holy Grail, Pope Urban’s Punch, The Infidel, and The Straight to Heaven. 


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