Introducing: A Summer of Pancakes

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Let's be up-front about this: we've decided this summer is going to be A Summer of Pancakes, so we're hosting a ton of classes about pancakes to celebrate!

You could spend ages making pancakes and never make the same kind twice: they're sweet, they're savory, and they've made it to every corner of the globe. The International House of Pancakes is going to seem like a provincial backwater after we get done with this.

We're kicking things off with Flying Flapjacks: The History (and Science!) of the Humble Pancake, a lecture on June 6th spanning all things pancakes. You'll learn the secrets to perfecting your silver dollar pancake game while being introduced to what the world holds in store, from the savory Ethoipian injera to Japan's red-bean-filled dorayaki.

Once we've whet your appetite (pun intended) we're spending the rest of the summer with hands-on pancake-making classes, covering new creations and old favorites. All classes are vegetarian friendly with the exception of okonomiyaki.

Sweet, Filled Pancakes from Japan and Korean: learn to make homemade red bean paste, and design a branding iron for your adorable creations (SOLD OUT!)

Savory Indian Dosas and Sourdough Ethiopian Injera: pancakes that serve as both plate and utensil can't be beat (SOLD OUT!)

Vietnamese Rice Crepes and Two Scallion Pancakes: banh xeo, Korean pajeon and the lovable scallion pancake (SOLD OUT!)

Okonomiyaki: the Japanese king of savory pancakes [note: this is without a doubt greatest pancake in the world] (SOLD OUT!)

Blintzes, Apam Balik, and the Many Faces of Crepes: cheese- and fruit-filled blini and Malaysian street food

Going All-in on American Pancakes: exploring the sweet and savory cornerstone of American breakfast

Are you excited yet? Get ready to get flipping.

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