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S.A.S.S. Presents: Badasses of History - August 7

August's meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies is all about those who have scared the hello out of their fellow humans throughout the years. 

Like what, you say? Like this!


Hide your kids, hide your wife and come learn about how the Vikings freaked out Western Europe for a few hundred years. No big deal.

Alcibiades: The 300 Times A Million

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what 300 times a...

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Celebrate America with S.A.S.S - July 3

The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, which, besides making for a very awkward work week, means that next Tuesday's Society for the Advancement of Social Studies meeting is basically on a weekend. Get ready for Independence Day by learning a few things about good old America. 

We'll cover the history of political parties in the States, give you a timely refresher on the Revolution, and a history of crazy American laws. There'll be drink...

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S.A.S.S. Presents: The History of Fun and Games, June 5

At this month's meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, not only do you get three short, awesome lectures on the history of fun and games, but you get to play games. Victorian Parlor Games, to be exact, with wonderful names like Poor Pussy

Show up here:

Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, 
Tuesday, June 5, 7pm, totally free

What'll we learn:

A Brief History of Universe of Video Game


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The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies Presents Prehistory!

Next Tuesday, May 1, come on down to Public Assemblyour home away from home, at 7pm for an awesome evening of social studies and being social. As always, there'll be drink specials and a good time. 

RSVP here, and read on for details:

S.A.S.S. is going way back B.C., to the land before time to talk about what was going on before our ancestors invented cool things like writing. So grab your nicest club, put on your going-out...

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