Sept 15: End of Summer BBQ at Bat Haus

Posted by 78a7e62a tiny Jonathan Soma on sep 10, 2012 under Blog Post

There are lots of things to celebrate about September 15th! The HMS Beagle (with Darwin aboard) reached the Galapagos Islands, Marco Polo was born, and the Soviets sent the Zond 5 to orbit the moon and come back.

Most importantly, though, is that summer is leaving us for an entire year.


Saturday, September 15th. Bat Haus's wonderful Bushwick backyard. There will be BBQing, board gaming, and all the summertime your heart desires. If all that's not enough, we'll be raffling off some Brainery gift certificates for maximum brain-strengthening joy. We won't be selling tickets at the door, so be sure to get yours by Saturday at noon!

More details and signup here.


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