UPDATED: Rego Needs You!

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on jul 18, 2019 under Blog Post

Rego is the absolute sweetest, tiniest one-year old cat who was rescued off the streets of Queens last week by one of our teachers and his girlfriend. They took her straight to the emergency vet to treat two large, infected wounds and the next day, we took her into our care at Cat Republic, and she's been recuperating at my place. Her cuts have healed up great and she has maintained her voracious appetite and become more social and playful as the week has gone on, until last night when I noticed her breathing had become labored and it seemed like she was struggling to get enough air. 

Back to the emergency vet we went, where it seems as though Rego has asthma. She's still at the hospital receiving steroid and oxygen treatment to get her breathing back to normal, and we're hopeful she'll be able to come home on Friday. Her long-term treatment plan is still unknown, but I'll update this post as soon as I know more.

We're taking care of Rego through our very small cat rescue Cat Republic, and her care is estimated to cost between $1600-$2600 just for this stay at the emergency vet, before any long-term treatment she'll need for her asthma. This is the second cat with extreme medical needs (you may remember Moonlight!) we've had this year, and our small rescue can't support the costs without donations. If you're able to help at all, we'd be so grateful! All donations to Cat Republic are tax deductible and can be made through our website. 

Rego is a really precious little lady, and she deserves the best chance she can get at a good life! Thank you for reading! 

UPDATE July 21: Thanks to everyone who has donated to Rego's care! 

Here's an update: Rego came home Friday night and is doing great. She's more social and curious than she was before and is even more into getting pets. She's on four medicines to treat the asthma and any underlying infections that may have caused it, but she's handling it all very well. 
Her total bill came in at $2221 for treatment and on that front, we have some very exciting news. Rego's rescuer @mayukof is helping to fundraise for Rego's medical expenses with an art sale!

Please visit mayukofujino.storenvy.com to see the available works (they're going fast) and to pick up some gorgeous pieces for a good cause! You can donate directly to Rego's care at catrepublic.com/donate


Thank you again for helping this cutie get her indoor life started right!


(Cat Republic is a very tiny cat rescue started by Jen and Soma, who founded the Brainery, in case you're wondering about the connection!)


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