Alcohol is yeast poop, a digital S. cerevisiae told me so

Japanese TV: Don't stop the microbes

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I've been on a fermenting rice kick recently (which you'll only see the results of when the experiments are all done), and this morning came across Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture. Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture follows the adventures of Tadayasu Sawaki, a first-year college student at an agricultural university.

What a boring dude, right? Totally wrong! He can see microorganisms. Whether it's food poisoning, sake brewing, or fermenting seafood, you get to see the microbes run around chatting each other up and discussing what they do and how they do it. Incredible.


Moyashimon is, obvs, Japanese - it started out as a manga around 2004, and then in 2007 it was released as an anime. The public decided they needed more, though, so in 2010 it came out as a live action TV series, which you can totally just watch on YouTube, high quality and all (and it's subtitled!).

It's amazing how much more informative a CGI yeast is than a pageful of paragraphs.

FUNimation has turned off embedding, but! roll on over to YouTube to learn about how alcohol is yeast poop, what causes botulism, or the intense odor of pickling fish. There are 11 episodes in all, so get to it! Oooor we could just anime microbes party down.

Additional fun fact: when you look up the Moyashimon books on Amazon, the "Items Customers Ended Up Buying" list features the Scott Pilgrim box set. Who are you people, and where can I meet you?

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