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Board Game Nostalgia

Posted by Ebc25618 tiny Chris on jan 31, 2014 under Blog Post

As somone that grew up in the 80s, board games will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe it is because family game night was a regular occurence (and still is when I am back home). Maybe video games hadn't quite sunk their claws into our free time quite like they have for kids today (wow, I just wrote the phrase "kids today," scary!).

Whatever the reason, I get a little nostalgic smile when I think about a group of friends or family sitting around a table, pulling out a board game box and settling in for a night of laughs and fierce competition.

With the Modern Board Game Open Play at 61 Local coming up I got thinking about my favorites from when I was a kid. One game jumped to mind almost immediately and I wondered if it was as big a deal for anyone else.

Who remembers Fireball Island? This game was the cream of the crop as far as my brothers and I were concerned. We spent hours playing it and then hours more just using the awesome game board as a playset for our various G.I. Joes or MicroMachines

What were your favorite board games growing up? Were you a sucker for the big elaborate games with all the fancy bells and whistles like Fireball Island? Or did you go in for the more high minded diversions like Operation? Yes, I called Operation high minded, you were performing surgery for crying out loud!

Leave a comment with your favorites and be sure to join us as we take on some modern classics at the Modern Board Game Open Play at 61 Local


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