This Thursday: Bach, A User's Guide

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on mar 12, 2013 under Blog Post

Hey Prospect Heights (and all of NYC), we're super excited about this week's class on Bach taught by Scott Ordway. It's just in time for you to attend a performane of Bach's music at the NY Phil on Friday! Sign up

This quick course will provide students with an overview of the transcendent vocal and instrumental music of Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It's designed for listeners, so we'll be looking at Bach's massive body of work and breaking it down into a few more approachable categories. In the end, you'll learn a bit about the composer's life, but a lot more about the incredible music he wrote and how to go about approaching it for yourself.

And, as chance would have it, the NY Phil is performing Bach's B Minor Mass (one of the truly great masterpieces in all of music history) this week as well, so students are highly encouraged to book tickets in advance for the Friday night (March 15th) concert at Lincoln Center. Students will also be encouraged to impress their friends by referencing choice factoids from Thursday night's class at intermission on Friday.

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