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What's Going on This Week: $5 classes

Two of them! On two very different but equally important topics: fair use and karaoke. Take them together and figure out whether it's okay to post videos of your drunken performances on YouTube. 

All is not Fair in Fair Use - Tuesday, July 19, 7:30pm (only a few spots left!)

How Girl Talk (and you!) can avoid getting sued. The ins and outs of when it's okay to use other people's work in your own. 

How to Kill at Karaoke -...

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Awesome Post July 4 Classes

Take a class with us next week, because you can't stay at the beach forever. 

Filmmaking 101 - Just because you're shooting video it on an iPhone doesn't mean your video has to suck. We'll cover interview techniques, lighting, and more to help you get the most out of that tiny movie making machine. 

Knish History! - USA and International, featuring tastings and general awesomeness.

Making Sense of Your Senses - ...

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