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Holiday Gifts Made by Our Teachers: 2013 Edition

Turns out our teachers are quite the talented bunch outside of the classroom! And since the holiday gift-giving season is officially in swing, we thought it'd be fun to highlight some of their projects, all of which would make aaaaawesome gifts. 

If you're looking for gift certificates to the Brainery, click here

Jewelry & Accessories


We are Here - Emilie Shapiro's absolutely lovely jewelry line, featuring rings, necklaces,...

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Really Cool Thing: Brooklyn Brewery Small Batch Tours

Sometimes, it seems like all the best things in NYC happen during the workday. But since it's summer, here's hoping you can skip out of the office a bit early and head over to one of Brooklyn Brewery's Small Batch Tours, which take place every Monday-Thursday at 5pm. 

For $8, you get a small, in-depth tour of the brewery, tastings of four beers, and a glass to take home (plus way more). It jumped out at me as one of those...

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Know Your Early Spring Flowers

Until yesterday, I didn't know what a crocus was, even though I've seen hundreds of them over the past few days. I'm kind of ashamed of that, so I thought it would be useful to learn the names of a few of the common spring flowers we're starting to see while out and about. Onward! 



Okay, they're yellow and everywhere everywhere everywhere. You've probably seen a handful of them today just walking to the subway, and you'll know...

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Upcoming Classes You Should Take

A few of our favorites, in no particular order.

The Triangle Waist Factory Fire - October 11

It's a fact that if you live in New York City, you're required to know something about the city's history. Might as well start here with Glenna's presentation on this historic fire, which just happened to occur 150 years ago. 

Storytelling Through Film - starts October 3

For all of you out there who make stuff (all of you, right?), this class will...

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