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Let's Make: Jalapeño-Apple-tomic Fireballs

First we researched Atomic Fireballs. Then we made an ersatz candy version. The thing is, though, we live in Brooklyn. Everything needs to be grown on a rooftop and ethically sourced. Let's see if we can bring the Fireball back to its earthy roots.

(Yes, this is kind of a break from my attempts to make fake Science versions of everything.)

The obvious ingredient is cinnamon. Tons of cinnamon. Next up, something spicy, like a jalapeño....

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Let's Make: Spicy Cinnamon [Bodega] Candy

Super lazy and hate reading? Skip to the recipe.

Okay, so we now know what the story is with Atomic Fireballs. So let's make some.

Every single (every! single!) recipe for spicy cinnamon candy looks something like this. The important ingredient is cinnamon oil, which you can totally buy from Amazon. On the other hand, we all have stores 30 seconds away with ground cinnamon, so let's hamfist our way into some candy using only things from around...

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What makes Atomic Fireballs candy so spicy?

I've been doing a lot of "candy science" research in preparation for next month's Masters of Social Gastronomy, and being in love with spicy flavors, Atomic Fireballs were on the top of my list.

Atomic Fireballs were brought to us by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, which is the best candy company because they also invented Lemonheads. If you make a super spicy candy and a super sour candy you're aces in my book.

Fireballs were...

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