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All of our March classes are now up and open for registration! Read all about them below and sign up fast to grab a spot. 

This Semester's Classes:
$7 Sundays - Gardening Basics: Seed Germination - No need to wait for warm weather to get your plants going! (and, as always, $7 Sundays are drop-in classes cunningly priced at $5)
Even More Soda Making - The follow-up to the ginger ale workshop! Turn your kitchen into a delicious bubbly-drinks factory.
Plant Biology - The science behind our favorite photosynthesizing pals
Shooting with Lenses - A beginner-level workshop on interchangeable lens cinematography
How to Shop in Chinatown - Learn what's hiding behind those indecipherable labels
Ice Cream Making - This one is kind of self-explanatory.
The Sociology of Food - Unravel the mysteries behind the social acts of eating and making food

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