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Class Recap

More From This Semester

More random knowledge gleaned during the last couple weeks of classes:

Beekeeping - First week we covered the anatomy of bees and the social structure of the hive. In the process, we learned approximately 65 million interesting things, but I'll keep it to just a couple of my favorite facts. You can gather way more from Tim at Borough Bees, his blog.

*In the summer, workers (the sterile females who, as you can probably imagine, do all...

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Brooklyn Skillshare!

So if you're out there and you're looking at this in the first place, you're probably already interested in informal education in our lovely Brooklyn.

And you probably know all about the Brooklyn Skillshare, and you're probably planning on going, cause it's a really good time with lots of really good people. 

If that's the case, then you should absolutely make your donation in advance (only $10!) through their...

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LifeLabs New York!

For a whole bunch of months, we've been collecting your ideas for class topics over here. They're absolutely great and kinda my favorite thing to read, not to mention hugely helpful in planning out the semester. (Keep 'em coming!)

And while there's lots of suggestions you'd probably expect, things like sewing and cheese and photography, there's also a whole lot more abstract ideas, like how to tell better stories,...

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