Announcing Dabbler!

Posted by 6ff74e82 tiny Jonathan Soma on dec 10, 2012 under Blog Post

We're proud to announce a fun new Brainery project called Dabbler.

Getting into a new hobby is great and rewarding and blah blah blah, but it's apparently hard enough that we all rarely do it. No need to fret, though, Dabbler to the rescue.

Every month we'll deliver a newsletter to your inbox introducing you to a fun new hobby, skill or interest: links, videos, how-to's, shopping lists, and plenty of notes to get you started. Whether it's cooking, crafts or the great outdoors, Dabbler will be sure to keep you on your toes!

It's also about as much as a cup of coffee ($2/month), but the results last a lifetime. Is that too corny? It's a good time, though! Learn to fix your belt or find Orion's, talk white wine or brew a red, bind a book or start writing one.

One new hobby, each and every month. Find out more about Dabbler at

Oh, and since people kept asking! We have gift subscriptions, too.

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