Book Recommendations from Our Teachers

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Every so often we spotlight some must-reads from our awesome teachers. Up this time: grammar, food pairings, and music writing. 

image The Glamour of Grammar 

by Roy Peter Clark

Why you should read it: Clark takes a great approach toward pesky grammar points. This is an engaging, interesting, and highly informative read. 

Suggested by: Grace Duggan

image Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor

by Francois Chartier

Why you should read it: Throw out all those pairing books written by overly opinionated chefs and their egos. Instead take a spin with Chartier's book which uses SCIENCE. 

Suggested by: Andrew Torrens

image The White Album

by Joan Didion

Why you should read it: I'm recommending just the essay here, the essay that comes from the book of the same name, although Joan Didion is an amazing writer all around. This isn't specifically a music essay, but we read a selection from this essay in every class, one that talks about the Doors, and every time without fail, the class is blown away. She's one of the best living writers, I think, and this essay is one way that shows it. 

Suggested by: Stacey Kahn

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