Your Complete Guide to DIY Candy

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on apr 18, 2012 under Blog Post

Candy’s been an obsession around the Brainery for a long, long time. While you’re marveling at the fact we still have teeth, check out the posts below so you can whip up some slightly dangerous/delicious candy at home.

Menthol Candy Cigarettes [recipe, how-to, burn potential: low]

Faux Altoids [recipe, how-to, cavity potential: high]

What’s the Deal with Xylitol? [failed experiments, learn from our mistakes, science]

Microwave Candy [h/t Harold McGee, traditional recipes, how-to, burn potential: high]

Spicy Cinnamon Bodega Candy [burn potential: kinda high, recipes, how-to]

What Makes Atomic Fireballs So Spicy [science, history]

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