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Romance and Revenge: Aphrodisiacs and Female Poisoners

Each month, our Masters of Social Gastronomy talks explore the history, science, and stories behind a curious food topic. Up this month: aphrodisiacs and poison!

Every culture has a long history of aphrodisiacs - love-inducing and libido-promoting foods, ranging from the commonplace to the esoteric. Is chocolate the rightful king of Valentine's Day, or could we do better with a tiger's unmentionables? Let's trace the history of these foxy...

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Brainery-Recommended December Happenings

Happy holidays! Take a break from your holiday party-packed schedule and check out some of these great events!

Saturday, December 6: If rare and vintage books and hand-made journals aren't enough to pull you in, the Brooklyn Holiday Book Fair will also include a signing by Maira Kalman!

Tuesday, December 9: Chill out with SASS! Literally. This month's lecture is on polar explorers.

Friday, December 19: Feeling nostalgic for the...

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