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The Most Important Brainery Facts

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on apr 4, 2012 under Blog Post

Maybe it's your first time on the site, maybe you're here all the time but want an easy compendium of Brainery factoids. Either way, we have an amazing guide for you:

What we do!

Classes. All kinds of them, on all kinds of subjects, from historic gastronomy to cursive to DNA. 

The fun part is that all of our course topics are dreamed up and suggested by you, and our teachers are a group of awesome people from around Brooklyn and the whole city. Anyone can teach! You just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others.

Our classes have a slightly tragic habit of selling out quickly, so your best bet to get in on them is to get on our mailing list (it's over to the right) or follow us on Twitter.

Free things!

Each month, we help bring you two free barroom lectures series at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, and you can remember them by their handy acronym titles--MSG and S.A.S.S. 

MSG stands for Masters of Social Gastronomy and it's all about food - history and science and whatever else you can talk about. We have a tendency to give out samples, too, so you end up eating things like beaver or odd homemade versions of Pop Rocks. Read way more here! 

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies (S.A.S.S.) is a historically-rollicking good time, organized by a couple of our good friends. Every month, you'll get three short lectures on a topic in history, all for free. It's on the last Tuesday of the month, you can read up on the SASS site.

Where we are in real life!

The Brainery lives at 515 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The closest trains are the F/G to Carroll Street.

Where we are on the internet!

Sigh wistfully and pick up tiny bits of our knowledge at the following Internet bus stops:

@bkbrains on Twitter

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