The Masters of Social Gastronomy Take on Thanksgiving - November 18th!

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Come on over to The Brooklyn Kitchen on Monday, November 18 for a primer on all things Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the king of holidays: non-denominational, full of beer and good food, a purely American celebration. But where did did this turkey-centric feast come from? 

Sarah will school you on Thanksgiving's history, from the Pilgrims to pumpkin pie, and from President Lincoln to green bean casserole. We'll even visit some formerly iconic dishes that time has forgotten--unless someone still keeps a "celery holder" on their Thanksgiving table.

Meanwhile, Soma will explore the havoc modernity has wreaked upon Thanksgiving. We'll visit the twin terrors of turducken and Tofurkey, and see what deep-fried turkey has brought to this world (besides YouTube videos of out-of-control fires).

And, just in case you need another reason to celebrate, this year is the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday. 

All the details:
Monday, November 18, 6:30pm
The Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost Street
Advance tickets recommended SOLD OUT!
$5, includes 2 beers


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