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October's SASS Meeting! Real + Historical Scary Halloween

You're cordially invited to the next meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies!

When: Monday, October 17, 7pm, free!
Where: Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street

Last month, nearly everyone in Brooklyn packed Pete's Candy Store for the inaugural meeting of SASS (awesome)--this month, you'll definitely want to arrive early to snag a seat and take part in Pete's happy hour. 

And what'll we be covering? Oh just ...

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Places To Work That Aren't Your Kitchen Table

Coworking is a bit of a pet obsession of mine, for really no reason at all. There are lots and lots of neat new spaces popping up all around Brooklyn and the city -- a pretty inclusive list of which you can see here -- but we've been lucky enough to get the know the folks at a couple of them that are equally awesome. If you're in the market for some desk space that's not in your apartment or a coffee shop, we'd...

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Update Time

We've been busy prepping for classes by doing things like making impromptu trips to the oldest surviving structure in New York City (for our NYC history class), and making tons of seed paper for rewards to our (successful!) Kickstarter project, but that hasn't stopped us from doing a whole buncha other stuff too, all below:

Location Survey

Earlier this week, we asked you all to fill in a quick little survey and let us know...

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