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The Basic Guide to Making Awesome Ice Cream

This guide originally appeared over on Ice Cream Club's tumblr, many, many summers ago. Jonathan Soma gets all credit.  

There are a few types of ice cream, but the easiest to work with is Philadelphia style. It’s different from the more-complicated French style because while the French style is based on a custard, Philadelphia style is just milk and cream. Custards are cool and give a richer flavor and texture, but they...

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Ice Cream Club Meeting

On Saturday, June 6, join the Ice Cream Club for ice cream eating, ice cream trading, and an all-around awesomely indulgent meeting here at the Brainery. This is your chance to trade away that crazy flavor you made way too much of, meet other ice cream enthusiasts, and give yourself a glorious ice cream headache--all before noon!

All you gotta do is bring some homemade some ice cream of your own, and you can get in on this sweet, sweet ice...

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Free Event! The Mysteries of Ice Cream on April 29

It might not be prime ice cream eating weather quite yet, but for this month's Masters of Social Gastronomy lecture, we're bringing summertime to Brooklyn no matter what the thermometer says. 

Hear the tale of vanilla ice cream, a commonplace flavor with a rare and exotic past. We'll take a hard look at the science that makes ice cream tick and see if we can harness the DIY spirit to craft up astronaut ice cream in your very own...

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Making Maraschino Cherries

I love the bright red cherries that you get at the grocery store for $2. I really, really love them.

But a few summers ago, I made some "real" maraschino cherries using the good stuff: Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, and was blown away by the results. These guys are absolutely nothing like the ones you grew up with: they're boozy, rich, and complex, instead of just sweet and syrupy like the grocery store version. 

The Key Ingredient



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