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Brass Himmeli Mobiles at the Brooklyn Craft Company

Our pals at the Brooklyn Craft Company have a really neat class on brass himmeli mobiles coming up on May 29, and we're excited to help spread the word!

Inspired by a traditional Finnish Christmas ornaments, these brass versions are super modern and stylish, plus you can finish one and take it home in just a few short hours. 

Hop on over to the Brooklyn Craft Company's site to register, and be sure to enter the discount code BKBRAINS...

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Step-by-Step: Paper Flowers

After the amazing 'Paper flower construction' workshop, we wanted to share the knowledge-wealth. These things are easy to make, and they look awesome. People created some serious blooms at that workshop. So, here's a tutorial for a simple stack-based flower.

You will need:
-About 10 squares of tissue paper, all (roughly) the same size
-About 10 squares of a different color tissue paper, all the same size, but a bit smaller than the first lot...

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