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Class Recap

The Secret Seasonality of Coffee Beans

My favorite fact from last night's Coffee: Comparative Brewing Methods wasn't about brewing methods at all, but about the coffee beans themselves: Coffee is seasonal. Just like anything you pick up at the farmers market waxes and wanes over the year, coffee beans are the same way.

Let's take Guatemalan coffee as an example. It's harvested between December and March, but there's about a 3-month lag between harvesting and shipping, so you...

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Class Recap

Coffee Class Wrap Up!

For the past couple of weeks, our coffee class has benefited from some serious expertise from the folks at Cafe Grumpy and Blue Bottle Coffee. I learned a ton from them about sourcing beans, roasting them up, and turning them into deliciousness, a bit of which is below.

What's a coffee bean anyhow?  I don't think I'd ever really considered where coffee comes from, biologically and botanically. Turns out it's the seed of a cherry-like...

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July Classes Open for Registration!

Next semester starts July 19th, and we've got a whole slew of new two and four week courses coming up!

In American Sign Language we'll learn how to sign - including social conversations, finger spelling and even a bunch of NYC-centric things. After this class you'll finally be able to stop saying sign language is one of those things you wish you had learned in college.

Everyone wears jeans, so you might...

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