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Bees are Awesome and Here are Ways to Learn About Them

I don't keep bees, but I wish I did. It seems like lots of us feel this way, and we've got two opportunities coming up to learn more about these little guys, hooray!

On Monday, February 27, we'll be hosting Top Wax Chef, a wax processing workshop courtesy of the Backwards Beekeepers of NYC. It's all free and starts at 8:30pm, and there'll be a chance to show off your newly gained knowledge with trivia (and prizes). RSVP and get more...

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Sign up for February Classes!

February classes are open for registration (and a couple already filled up by the time we got around to posting this!)

They're all listed below, but first an announcement! With the popularity of the Kimchi Party, we've decided to start a monthly tradition at the Brainery: $7 Sundays. Brief, easy drop-in classes where you learn a quick something and get to hang out with a bunch of other interesting people. We're capping registration this time,...

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Class Recap

More From This Semester

More random knowledge gleaned during the last couple weeks of classes:

Beekeeping - First week we covered the anatomy of bees and the social structure of the hive. In the process, we learned approximately 65 million interesting things, but I'll keep it to just a couple of my favorite facts. You can gather way more from Tim at Borough Bees, his blog.

*In the summer, workers (the sterile females who, as you can probably imagine, do all...

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