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Ambergris is a weird thing

The other day, we polled you good folks on Twitter for ideas for blog posts. Someone suggested whales, and while that's a pretty wide (though awesome) topic, it reminded me of my favorite whale product: ambergris!

Perhaps you've heard of ambergris in relation to perfume. Historically, it's been added to stabilize perfumes, helping the notes within evaporate less quickly, so that the scent on your wrist lasts more than 20 minutes.

It's a useful...

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Registration is open open open open oooopeeeen! You can now sign up for classes to your heart's content. 

$25 apiece, and if you want to take multiples sign up for one and drop us an email and we can try to cut you a break on the rest.

Let's do an overview:

Scents & Sensibility: I'm teaching this one because F.I.T. wouldn't let me take a class about perfume! And because it's a good excuse to make a bunch of stuff with my ice cream...

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