New Classes This Week 7/16 - 7/21

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 MONDAY 7/15 

WTF is Agile and Scrum? (Park Slope)- Trace Agile’s origins in software development and its growing influence in other fields, such as marketing and advertising.  


Food, Design, and Psychology- Did you know that, on average, we consumers make purchasing decisions within 90 seconds of initial viewing? (SOLD OUT) 


Love and Lesbos: The Poetry of Sappho- One of the few surviving female voices from the ancient world, she inspired generations of poets and writers, ancient and modern.


 TUESDAY 7/16 

Tarot Card Basics- Together we’ll begin to unpack the mysteries and intuitive insights available through Tarot.(SOLD OUT) 



Asian Chili Sauces! A Lecture and Tasting- To celebrate the release of Red Hot Kitchen, a new cookbook from writer and food photographer Diana Kuan on Asian chili sauces, we're hosting a lecture and tasting that will awaken your taste buds. (SOLD OUT) 


Interviewing People (Park Slope)- How to question and listen in a way that sheds light on who your interviewee really is. (SOLD OUT) 



Herbs for Digestive HealthIf you are curious to learn how to calm inflammation, release tension, move stagnant energy, and heal the gut, then taking a look at what and how we eat is key.


Graffiti, Street Art, Advertisers, & the Future of Urban Visual Space- With provocative moves picked up from the world of illegal art, advertisers are overhauling their industry, with top execs encouraging firms to “think more like vandals.”


Intro to Watercolor (Park Slope)- In this two-hour workshop, students will learn basic watercolor techniques. (SOLD OUT) 


 FRIDAY 7/19 

Alternative Photography: Cyanotype for BeginnersIf you've ever wanted to experiment with cyanotypes in a quick and easy format, this workshop is for you!


Preserving Summer: Pressed Flowers (Park Slope)- Join us to explore some low-tech, fast (it doesn't involve a phone book!) ways to press fresh flowers in order to preserve them in dried form.



West Side Waterfront Walking Tour (Manhattan)This tour takes an area of Manhattan that most people think they know quite well and probes deeper, investigating our city’s maritime past and the future of the post-industrial waterfront.


Embroidery 2: Textures (Park Slope)- Students will learn how to combine stitches from our embroidery sampler class with new ones to create a three-dimensional flower.


Classic Charcoal Drawing: Anatomy- Ever wonder how those beautiful Michelangelo sketches are made? It's not genius or talent, but specific techniques and skills. (SOLD OUT)


 SUNDAY 7/21 

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour (Manhattan)Get ready to explore the amazing story of the Brooklyn Bridge as THE HISTORY COUPLE shows you the true story of the men and women who built it.


Walk the Gowanus with a Local Author (Gowanus)Have you ever wondered where the Gowanus is, or for that matter, what's in it (raw sewage)? 


Pewter Casting Workshop- In this hands-on workshop, students will learn how to cast low-temperature metals at home! (SOLD OUT)


Fermented Herbal Sodas- Join us to learn how to make your own fizzy herbal sodas, talk about the science behind them, and why they are good for you! 


Intro to Jewelry Making: Coiled Wire Beads (Park Slope)- Students will learn the basics of single coiled bead wrapping, which is a super effective way to create complex looking beads!


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