Masters of Social Gastronomy: The World’s Most Terrifying Food Stories on Monday, Oct 28

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on oct 7, 2019 under Blog Post

Each month, Masters of Social Gastronomy takes on a curious food topic and breaks down the history and science behind it. This month, we’ll embrace the Halloween spirit by exploring some of the world’s scariest foods. Get your tickets for this awesome evening at Caveat. 

Sarah will explore the fascinating connection between monster myths and culinary history, including a rye fungus that caused mass hallucinations--and many scholars believed caused the Salem Witch Trials! Then, she’ll investigate the myth of poisoned Halloween candy and the ol’ razor blade in the apple trick.

Soma will be talking about the spookiest of encased meat products, blood sausage, and spilling the beans on cannibalism, highlighting famous man-eaters from around the world. You'll hear tasting notes from the annals of history and be clued in on the dos and don'ts of consuming your fellow man. If you’re tired of a plant-based diet, how about a person-based one?


Additional details:

Doors 6:30 PM, show 7:00 PM.
Tickets $10 in advance, $12 at the door.
This event is mixed seated and standing room. Seats are first-come, first-served.

Get your tickets! 


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