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Masters of Social Gastronomy: Gelatin on June 26

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Masters of Social Gastronomy (MSG) is a monthly lecture series all about the history and science behind some of your favorite foods. This month: gelatinous edibles of all sorts

Sarah will discuss the origins of gelatinous desserts, starting long ago when jiggly delights were made with drippings from beef stew or extracts from the swimbladders of sturgeon. Then we'll take on that modern wonder: Jell-O, exploring the greatest atrocities and wildest successes of the 20th century Jell-O mold, while figuring our why recipes for meat in lime Jell-O exist. From 19th-century "Punch Jelly," to 20th-century "Jell-O Sea Dream with Shrimps" you will see gelatin both beautiful and horrible.  

Meanwhile, Soma will untangle the science of gelatin and its kin, introducing a few lesser-known relatives along the way. How'd we get the wiggle in those jigglers? Find out where killer bacteria and Jell-O meet on the other side, and dive into the amazing world of edible dishware. Stretch the boundaries of reality through an introduction to counterfeit Chinese eggs and the fancy-pants world of molecular gastronomy.

As if that's not enough, we'll be joined by Michelle Zatta and Nadia Siddiqui, co-directors of the Jell-O Mold Design Competition, who will present the good, the bad, and the ugly of gelatin design, including tips on how to create a successful Jell-O mold.

And of course, there will be samples of gelatin desserts both old and new. 

As always, MSG is free, just RSVP here so we're sure to have plenty of samples on hand. 

To sum up:
Public Assembly (70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg)
Tuesday, June 26, 7pm, free!

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