Make a Contribution to our Programming

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on jul 5, 2019 under Blog Post

As we head toward our 10-year anniversary (eek!), we wanted to provide an option for contributions to be made without a class ticket needing to be purchased.

Running a small businesses is always tough, and especially so when you're based in NYC and your whole goal is to keep things affordable. (What were we thinking?!) Our costs go up each year, often more than we're able to make up by increasing class prices, and as we head into our second decade, we'd like to build a larger cushion to keep a healthy cash flow and allow us to cover the always-unexpected costs that come up along the way. Maybe you live far away, maybe you don't get to Brooklyn often, maybe you just have an extra few bucks kicking around this month. We're so grateful for your support!   

(Please note we aren't a nonprofit and contributions aren't tax deductible! You'll be sent a confrimation email for your contribution with a date and location, but feel free to ignore that as this isn't a class with a physical meeting!)

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