Job Board: Opening at the Brainery

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on jan 4, 2014 under Blog Post

Thanks for all your applications! We'll be reaching out for interviews in the next couple of days, but we're not able to accept any new applications. 

We're looking for someone to help out with day-to-day management of the Brainery. It's a part-time gig (approximately 24 hours a week), and involves all kinds of super glamorous and not-so-glamorous things. A partial list might be:

• Teacher outreach and class scheduling
• Working three nights a week in Prospect Heights during classes, ~4:30-10:30pm
• Writing blog posts and taking/posting photos of classes
• Keeping the space clean and organized - setting up, material prep, cleaning, planning for the next day
• Helping out with various projects around the Brainery

In return, yes, you'll be getting paid (around $18/hour), get to hang out during all sorts of awesome classes, and maybe learn a thing or two about running a tiny business in New York. We're hoping for someone to take on some of the responsibility of running the space day to day, so we have a bit more time to focus on special projects. It's ideally a long-term position. 

Our deal: We're just two people who thought taking classes in NYC was way too expensive. So now, a zillion years later, we're hunkered down in Prospect Heights storefront, dedicated to helping people learn kombucha-brewing, essay-writing, star-gazing, tree-identifying, soap-making, picture-taking, tapestry-weaving, and pretty much anything else that exists, all from people in their communities. You can read more about how we roll over here

To apply: Send us an email to Attach a resume if you want (pdf please!), a link to anything you've written online would be awesome, but most importantly tell us why you want to work here and why you're awesome! We're looking to start interviewing people by this Thursday (1/9) so the sooner you get your app in the better!

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