Grilling and Smoking Workshop

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On June 27th we're hosting a Grilling and Smoking Workshop as part of Homemade: Brooklyn, featuring the grilling expertise of Emily Beebe of The Wooden Spoonful. It's going on at Metropolitan Green in Williamsburg, over at 439 Metropolitan Ave.

Learn the mysteries of marinades and unravel the intricacies of your grill! Steaks, fish, veggies, kebabs - we'll fill you in on the method to the madness beyond "put it onto the grill."

Incredible fact: Did you know marinades (and rosemary, especially!) reduce carcinogens in grilled meat?

Reach back to your suburban past by learning to produce glorious hunks of smoked meat whether it's on a backyard gas grill or a tabletop Weber on the fire escape

We'll rehash how to make bacon in your kitchen (courtesy our course about meat), but also learn how to finish the process and get it that applewood smoked flavor.

The workshop is $15, and you can sign up through the links below. For your scheduling pleasure there are two time slots, 2pm and 3:30pm

All spots for the grilling workshops are full!  Follow us @bkbrains to hear if any last minute spots open up!



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