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Giveaway: The Sketchbook Project!

Posted by Missing Sophia on jul 6, 2012 under Blog Post

In case you didn't know, books are empirically cool.* Scientific fact.

Which is why The Sketchbook Project is automatically awesome -- it's a collection of thousands of books, all made by people just like your fine self. For $25, the folks at Art House Co-op will send you a blank sketchbook. Fill its pages with whatever you want, send it back to The Sketchbook Project, and next summer, your book will take an epic road trip across the U.S. At the end of its wanderings, it'll come back to New York and settle down at the Brooklyn Art Library.

This year we're giving away five free entries! Leave a comment telling us what totally rad thing you would do with your sketchbook by Wednesday, July 11, and we'll pick our favorite five to join The Sketchbook Project for free.

* Proven in hundreds of rigorous, peer-reviewed studies** as a way to make East Coast summers more bearable

** Not really

Update! Extended the deadline to July 10, since the pesky weekend got in the way!

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